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WIREMAX wires are formed by a set of steel wires helically wound around another central wire, creating a strand or cord. At the same time, this strand is helically coiled around a core that may be built out of another strand made of steel, fiber, or polypropylene materials.

Each resulting configuration forms complex structures, providing each cable its strength, flexibility, and tension-type.

wiremax cable structure
Lifting Wiremax
Lifting and Loading

We manufacture steel wire ropes for general-purpose operations in various industries that maximize strength, durability, and security.

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Oil Field Wiremax
Oil Field

Our product portfolio supports the maximization of outcomes from subsurface geophysical and petrophysical information, by offering multiple effective solutions for oil well construction and maintenance

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Energy Wiremax

Our cables are designed for highperformance communication towers and other support structures with highvoltage power transmission.

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