We are an international manufacturer of wire cables for lifting, oil field, and energy projects committed to supporting the operational continuity of our clients through the provision of high-quality solutions, superior performance, 24/7 availability, and specialized technical service.

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We have a wide portfolio of general-purpose and high-performance solutions that comply with international standards, requirements, and specifications of various industries.

Our products and services go from steel collection and melting to transformation and distribution of high-quality cables, allowing us to maximize your performance by offering competitive prices, superior technology, efficient and prompt deliveries, and optimal technical service.

Our brands

WWR Logo

API/ISO accredited wire rope mill located in Houston, Texas. WWR is member of Domestic Wire Rope and AWRF, and shares its commitment to ensuring that our products are of the most superior quality available in the world.


API/ISO accredited wirelines and PC strands manufactured in our mill in Querétaro, Mexico. Our Deacero brand ensures quality, performance, and security for our customers’ operations all around the world.

Lifting Wiremax
Lifting and Loading

We manufacture steel wire ropes for general-purpose operations in various industries that maximize strength, durability, and security.

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Oil Field Wiremax
Oil Field

Our product portfolio supports the maximization of outcomes from subsurface geophysical and petrophysical information, by offering multiple effective solutions for oil well construction and maintenance

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Energy Wiremax

Our cables are designed for highperformance communication towers and other support structures with highvoltage power transmission.

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Oil & Gas Wiremax

Oil & Gas

Highest quality wires with API Spec 9-A certification granted by the American Petroleum Institute.

Cranes Wiremax


Our steel wire rope portfolio enhances the efficiency of industrial and gantry cranes in operations.

Mining Wiremax


Our steel wire ropes maximize security, durability and productivity.

Fishing Wiremax


Our steel wire ropes maximize durability and avoid saline decay in humid environments.

Construction Wiremax


Our steel wire ropes are focused on maximizing the efficient use of resources at customer construction sites.

Electrical & Communication Wiremax

Electrical & Communication

Our product portfolio optimizes response times and the deployment of communication networks.

Forestry Wiremax


Our steel wire ropes maximize time and the use of resources in timber transportation activities.

Ecotourism Wiremax


Our offer maximizes the safety and lifespan of cables used in suspension bridges and zip lines.


Our products

Behind every cable is advanced engineering and technology to provide solutions based on our customers needs

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